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Here will be soon This is only One of our EV related top level domains. is a domain for the total concept of
Everything in the field of 100% electric vehicles, transport, sports and EV innovations.
Electric transport the future of yesterday and the reality of today
On the Roads on Water and even in the Air. is aimed at all Ev applications, with a view to a clean future, so that you and your children can continue to enjoy a healthy environment as much as possible.

Everything about EVs (new and used) comparing, buying, selling, renting, leasing, financing, insurance and charging systems.
Regional and international trade fairs and shows. the complete platform for EV drivers, buyers, sellers, producers, startups, crowdfunding and investments.

The vision of is Working together on sustainability.

Encouraging electric vehicles
Encouraging electric vehicles

So that everyone can benefit from the financial benefits and Because electric transport is also much cleaner and much more efficient than transport on dirty and toxic fossil fuels.

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Stimulate clean sustainable energy
Stimulate clean sustainable energy

In view of the financial advantages and cleaner environment, self-generation of clean energy is a logical consequence. Because if you drive electrically, you also want solar panels on your roof.

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Stimulating innovation and employment
Stimulating innovation and employment

Innovating companies create more demand for economic growth and creating need is the way to more employment, better infrastructure and increased productivity. Waiting will only lead to nothing.

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Hydrogen H2 -vs- 100% Electric

Why not hydrogen
Hydrogen is an important green energy source for the future, such as for factories and power plants, but certainly not for cars.
The arrival of hydrogen cars also makes consumers dependent on companies such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell and BP which ultimately determines what you have to pay.
With a hydrogen car you have to drive to a gas station then get out of your car, refuel wait until its full and pay

(Hydrogen is not available at work)

Why 100% electric
Anyone can fully charge an electric vehicle at home plug in 30 seconds the costs are very low often even free and more than enough for commuting.
You do not have to refuel on the way, so you do not have to pay anything and the few times a year you have to go beyond the range, just stretch your legs and do a coffee.
Due to the arrival of green (hydrogen) power stations, a large part of new infrastructure is unnecessary because it is already present. (Electricity is also available at your work)

"Ignoring the elephant in the room"

The Kodak effect: Electric transport is still a choice but soon not anymore! companies that do not want to innovate will suffer from the "KodakEffect" Just Ask yourself which photographer still buy film rolls and where?
Range anxiety / Distance anxiety: where are you going to refuel when there are no more petrol stations? how far do you get then? and are you still allowed to drive with fossil fuels at all?
Share this page on social media contribute to a clean and quiet environment! Because environmental, air and water pollution is something that nobody can deny!
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Share this page on social media contribute to a clean and quiet environment! Because environmental, air and water pollution is something that nobody can deny!